Vamshidhar Kommineni

September 5, 2006

Where's the IMDB for Music?

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Realized this while writing the Bumbershoot post. There isn’t really a good equivalent of IMDB in the music world. I’m sure there’s some technical and other challenges involved (the body of published music is probably orders of magnitude larger than that of the movie and television industry), but it would be quite helpful.

In lieu of the IMDB equivalent, I linked to MSN music, but that’s not really a particularly good site to navigate through artists and albums (Zune, are you listening?). This article from Extremetech compares a few music recommendation services like Live Plasma (cool visualization but little else), Pandora (interesting concept, but too many misses in the music recommendations) and (useful but light on details) among others, but nothing really seems to fit the bill. A simple, no frills site like IMDB with definitive information on artists, albums, songs and other things would be perfect.

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