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January 3, 2007

New group at Microsoft

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After 3 awesome years at Microsoft in the Windows Feedback and Reliability Team, I am moving to a different team. I made the decision over the last couple of months with a great deal of deliberation, because I love my old team and have many fond memories of working there and the people I worked with. In the end, I felt that the opportunities and people that I get to work with in the new team were too good to pass up without at least trying my hand at it.

I’ll be working in CSE ( As the project, team and role are defined, evolve and is made public, I’ll be able to comment on it. Suffice it to say that I’m really excited about the possibilities.

Most of the people I’ll be working with and for don’t have an Internet presence (though they’re great people and I could spend some time writing about the achievements of the ones I know), except for Matt Pietrek (well known for his work on Bounds Checker). I also now work for Amitabh Srivastava (of course as a Corp. VP, he’s my bosses’ bosses’ boss, but still :). Amitabh’s a person I have immense respect for and is one of the few VPs I know that is uber technical as well as very accessible. Some information about Amitabh, here and here (the earlier link is more up to date)


August 14, 2006

Why Bother?

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 Why inflict yet another blog on the world (I wonder if we can come up with a measure of how many man hours, fossil fuels in the form of electricity and other things are wasted on the "blogosphere")? I never like starting something without trying to at least explain why, so I’ll try to do so below in no particular order:

  1. To practice my writing skills
    My writing has become pretty substandard since I left college in 2003. Writing the occasional design spec doesn’t really do much to keep that up to date. I hope that trying to write the occasional well thought out article amongst my general rambling on this blog will help accomplish that
  2. To experiment with new ways of content creation
    I’ve had about 4 abortive attempts to setup a personal web site since 1998. Each time, I wanted to add content that was interesting to me, but always gave up because the logistical crap surrounding the content creation was usually annoying (plus I’m lazy, so I’ll use any excuse I can get).

    Creating content shouldn’t be about learning to use html, Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, CSS, SSI, CGI, etc. The spread of wikis and blogs was the first signs of the web moving away from technology to content creation. Particularly, the second generation of these tools that try to bring blogging to the masses (wikis haven’t quite gotten there in my opinion, perhaps with Sharepoint Server 2007, they will).

    Given these developments, I figured now is a good time to try again, so I can prove to myself whether it was laziness or lack of tools that did me in earlier

  3. To play with new technologies from Microsoft
    I’ll get it out of the way early (all flame comments welcome) and say that I currently work for Microsoft (more on that later). Microsoft has embarked on their brave new services initiative and I feel obligated to eat our own dogfood and try to live with our products as a consumer. To that end, this blog is hosted on Windows Live Spaces and I’m writing this post in Windows Live Writer. I’ll probably also give my opinion on MS technologies as and when they are released and I can talk about them publicly.
  4. To ramble about all things technology related (whether anyone listens or not)
    I love technology. I love being a computer engineer and working on hard problems in hardware and software. I live and breath new technology of every kind when I’m not at work. So I figure that will be one of the main focuses of this blog (if it gets past the first week or two and becomes a regular thing)
  5. To indulge in my narcissistic self-consciousness
    I believe that all blogging involves some amount of narcissism and results in some amount of self-consciousness (What if someone reads all this incoherent babbling 10 years from now?). So a large portion of stuff on this blog will probably be about books I read, movies I like, my hobbies, places I’ve been and other sundry things that have a target audience of exactly 0. But what the heck. My time and energy to waste I suppose

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