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August 22, 2007

Rob Short on "Behind The Code"

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Behind the Code OR

Rob Short is a VP (and a Distinguished Engineer) at Microsoft and one of the people in COSD (Core Operating Systems Division, my old group that works on the guts of Windows) I have a great deal of respect for. Like Peter Spiro, he’s another old line DEC hand with many years at DEC before moving to Microsoft with Dave Cutler to work on NT. The things that were interesting in the talk was his personal history, and how he went from being a technician/tester for DEC in Ireland to working on seminal projects like the VAX 780, Dave’s DEC West team & NT and contributing a great deal to modern computing as we know it.

He has some interesting brief anecdotes of encounters with famous tech people over the years, including the meeting where Dave & him met with Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Nathan Myhrvold to discuss building an OS at MS, and a later meeting with Andy Grove where they showed off the prototype hardware they were building along with NT.

Another interesting segment (for me anyway) was the length of time he spent talking about OCA (the system that analyzes customer blue screens sent to Microsoft) & mentioning Vince Orgovan. I worked on the team that worked on OCA data and a parallel system for user mode data, and it was interesting to see that he had taken such a deep interest in it.

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