Vamshidhar Kommineni

November 26, 2006

Movie Review: Firewall

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Rating: 3 stars
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Harrison Ford is getting a little bit too old for these kinds of movies…Ford as action hero works in Fugitive, Air Force One and even Clear and Present Danger, but his time as one is coming to an end. He looks old, bored and like he’s going through the motions in this movie.

The plot is about a vice president of computer security for a Seattle based bank named Jack. A group of enterprising thieves (led by Paul Bettany) spend way too much time learning about Jack’s family; why the movie needed to spend time explaining the son’s peanut allergy is beyond me. I guess it’s supposed to chill me to the bone that they know so much about Jack’s family, but it mostly bored me. Having learned about his family, they kidnap it in order to force Jack to steal $10,000 from each of the banks top 10,000 accounts, totaling $100 million. How very considerate of these modern day Robin Hood gang to only steal from the rich. Some writer had a field day coming up with that plot point. Of course, computers being computers, things go haywire requiring Jack to come up with clever schemes involving fax machines and iPods.

The electronic shenanigans are followed by the requisite amount of grimacing from Ford, and of course it wouldn’t be an action movie if he didn’t turn things around in his favor and single handedly kill all his family’s captors to rescue them (even when the sensible thing would have been to wait for the cops to show up :).

The other interesting thing about this movie is how it rains in Seattle from the moment the kidnapping begins to the end of the scene out near Duvall. Pretty interesting choice by the director. Of course, the funny thing is that it rarely rains that hard in Seattle, and mostly just drizzles. But I’m happy, the movie furthers the secret agenda of all Seattleites to let outsiders believe that it rains all the time, so we can have the pristine Northwest to ourselves :)

Despite my criticism above, I gave the movie 3 stars because it is a competent thriller. Yes it is formulaic and at no point do you feel compelled by the story, but it does do everything right in terms of being a decent action movie. We shouldn’t be looking for explanations or logic in these kinds of movies, and it is a fun and not entirely unprofitable way to spend a couple of hours on the couch.

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