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November 9, 2006


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JimAll says: "It’s Time" to herald the RTM of Windows Vista. Business launch on November 30 and Consumer launch on January 30. Office 2007 RTM’ed as well a couple of days ago.

Watch Jim’s interview on Channel9 released today as well. I will be sorry to see him retire. Admittedly I don’t know the entire history of Jim at Microsoft, but I have great respect and admiration for him from what I know of him. I’ve never met anyone that high up in management who has such a firm technical grasp of things. He used to come to the Feedback and Reliability Team’s status meeting (my team) about once a month, and it always struck me how quickly he understood the arcane details of what we were presenting and asked the right questions. I had the privilege of presenting my work with Jim in the room 3 times over the last 3 years, and thankfully I didn’t get yelled at too much either of those times ;).

I don’t know how Windows Vista will be received by customers and only time will tell. We made our mistakes for sure as a company, but I feel we also recovered better than anyone might have hoped (we had lot’s of angst around LH reset time that I can’t talk about).

On a personal note, being a developer on Longhorn (that’s the real name darnit :), has been a great journey for me. This was my first job out of college, and I’ve learned so much about building production software over the past few years. I was lucky and privileged to work with a great set of people on meaningful projects and have almost no regrets about my time here thus far. Very few software companies in the world allow a new grunt like me to make an impact on so many people in the world and with so much freedom. I’ll try to spend some time writing about the features I worked on during Vista (Hang Reporting, Windows Memory Diagnostic and Autobug) as well as other features from my team over the next few weeks as we take a break and wind down through Christmas.

By the way, if you watch Jim’s Channel 9 video, from about 29:00 – 30:10, he talks about and shows off the Reliability Monitor (Relmon). The backing feature for this is called RAC (the Reliability Analysis Client) which is a feature from a part of our team. The UI for Relmon itself was developed by my colleague and good friend, Todor Jivakov (aka the crazy Bulgarian programmer :). From about 32:30 – 35:30, he talks about the Windows Recovery Environment which is a feature from our team developed by another good friend, Praveen Patel. He also briefly mentions one of the features I worked on, the Windows Memory Diagnostic at 35:00 or so.  What better way of showing off our features than having JimAll mention them?

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