Vamshidhar Kommineni

October 10, 2006

Da Bears rise from the ashes?

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I know I’m going to jinx them (along with millions of other people who are saying or thinking the same thing) by saying this, but could the Bears actually be back? I was thoroughly impressed by their defeat of Seattle last week (sorry Seattle, you will always be my second favorite football team after Chicago where I first started watching football), and after watching this past weekend’s drubbing of the Bills, I’m a believer again.

The Bears have had a stellar defense for a few years now. And it manufactured the near magical 2001 season where they finished 13-3 including two great back to back OT games, only to lose to the Eagles in the first playoff game. Even in that season though, they never had an offense capable of passing the ball. Most of their success in that season was built off the running game. What makes things possibly different this year is that the great Chicago hope, Rex Grossman is actually healthy this year. And he can throw the ball as well as anyone I’ve seen in 7 years of watching football. If he continues to stay healthy and the defense continues to utterly dominate teams the way they have these first five games, we could be looking at something truly special.

You’re not even going to understand this rant unless you’re a long suffering Chicago Bears fan. If you’re one of them, you’ll completely get this post :)

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