Vamshidhar Kommineni

September 24, 2006

Zune Mania

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It is heartening to see the building excitement around Microsoft’s upcoming Zune player. Hopefully, the product will live up to the hype.

Here’s a few interesting links about the Zune:

Coming Zune – The zune marketing site. A little light on details right now

Zune Insider – Seems to be posts about all things Zune by an MS employee working on Zune

Engadget – Music bloggers flown out to see the Zune react to it (via Engadget)

Seattle Times – Only included because of this little tidbit:

"Zune marketing will trade on Seattle’s prominent place in the music industry. Stephenson mentioned partnerships with Seattle’s Sub Pop Records, which recently signed CSS, and local independent radio station KEXP-FM (90.3)."

I can only hope and pray that they do a good job of integrating content and programming from the world’s greatest indie rock station into the Zune service. I was a little miffed that Urge and MSN Music have no mention of KEXP. Things that would be great are archived playlists of each DJ that would contain every track that they just played which are available via Zune’s all you can eat subscription service; best of tracks and other integration points.

I won’t have any original things to say about the Zune till it launches and I can get my hands on one. But it is fun to be excited and waiting for it…

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